Monday, February 25, 2008

Why-o why-o why-o do my goldfish die-o?

I like fish in the house. Boo learned to say and sign “fishies” with the little guys. They are peaceful and if the tank is clean, decorative. Some feng shui tips about keeping fish to bring fortune only added to the benefit, but that actually turned out to be more of a fresh running water issue and the fish merely decoration and you had to place them correctly and…. Anyway!
They keep dying!
Why do they die?! We had a set of goldfish for about 10 years (a guy asked my sister to a high school dance by filling the bathtub with water and goldfish... "of all the fish in the sea...." blah, blah, blah). Well, they died in the latest move (sad, tragic story). Now we've been through about 5 more sets of goldfish and two Plecostomus or 'sucker' fish.
Why do they die!!
We tested the water. It's fine. We have a filter. We grow algae. HELP!
I think rules of feng shui would be telling us that the tank is incorrectly positioned in the house and very soon we will go bankrupt.
Now we are trying mollies and platies. Hearty little fish. And they are living! Guess we can put off that bankruptcy for a while.


Ryan said...

It seems like the fish have triggered and existential crisis, and am sorry for the string of deaths.

I dont know how to make fish live, but I heard that if you release goldfish into the wild, they will grow up to 100 times their original size. not sure this is true, but I like the idea.

You ever think of getting a pet rabbit?

The Burnah Clan said...

Little tiny goldfish in the wild? Sounds like fish bait to me. Two-three weeks of a life of luxury in my tank sounds like a better end for them.
Rabbit? Hmm....don't think campus housing would approve.

Anonymous said...

They might approve if we put the rabbit in the fish tank...

Mica pooky said...

You're killing my goldfish!? Oh wait, that's the new batch right?