Monday, February 11, 2008


My good friend and sister-in-law says that with every stage in a child’s life you gain something, and you lose something. So true. Like putting away those 0-3 month clothes because baby is too chubby to wear them anymore. But she’s also giggling for the first time.
"You never gain something but that you lose something." - Henry David Thoreau
Babies are a miracle. They are expression. They are art. They are entertaining. Couldn't you just watch them forever? Especially those firsts. We caught this first of Little Bay's on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chelsy.... I LOVE this video, and the music choice was perfect. God's perfect little creatures are amazing to watch eh? Congrats on your two wonders of the world.

cheers, Rodney

The Burnah Clan said...

Thanks. I think Billy Dean does the best version of this song "Let Them Be Little". Brings the tears everytime I put it with a video of the kids.