Monday, February 11, 2008

Artistic expression through clothes

I have so much fun outfitting my girls. Not in the “make a statement” stylish approach. I know very little of style, nor do I care for the most part whether or not I’ve followed the latest fashion. More like, their clothing is my palette. Colors. Materials. Knits. Patterns. I take Great-Grandpa's interior decorating advice and apply it to clothing: Choose your base material then pick your colors from that piece. Seems to me that anything goes if you stick with that instruction. Layers. Stripes with flowers. Home made bows. Not too girly, please. Gimme pink only if you can balance it with brown. Matching...or not.


Ryan said...

Teaching your kids right. I love the BYU gear!

The Burnah Clan said...

Thanks, Ry. We have to be careful with that up here at the UofU! haha.