Monday, December 14, 2009

tradition...some more...

...the mall Santa..."okay everyone, on the count of 3, look in a different direction, but NOT at the camera!"

After a family dinner out, where my first born L explained to the waitress that her sister was using the potty and that "she is still going," then later asked if "that big girl went to the potty" too, meaning the waitress...

...we had a lovely evening at Salt Lake Temple Square. My second born, M loves beauty and love, she gravitates towards it, when she sees anything loving or beautiful she can not stay away or resist touching or gazing. Some quotes of the night from M:

We told her we were on our way to the Temple, the house of the Lord. We had to confirm over and over again that 'yes, mommy and daddy were married there...yes, mommy put on her pretty dress, no she didn't dance inside the Temple with Daddy, her prince, but outside, sure!' And we told her that we would see the Christus, the big statue of Jesus. This seemed to make her a little nervous. We explained that Jesus is very loving and not scary. She asked if she could bring her doll. I heard her whispering to her doll:
"Baby, you will not be scared, and I will not be scared..."

The whole way there we heard at every tall, decorated building:
"Is this Jesus' house? Is this Jesus' house?" over and over again...
"Are we going to see Jesus?" (yes... for the hundredth time...)
"Jesus had a hurt food and hand. When I had a scar, I had a hurt on it, when I was Jesus..." Hmm?

Finally we got out of the car, M ran down the sidewalk:
"We are running to see Jesus!" (that's the attitude, kid!)
"Are we going to see Baby Jesus? Are we going to see Baby Jesus?" over and over again...
"I think Jesus is coming out of His house to see us! We need to see Jesus!"
"And there is Snow Whites tower!" pointing to the Temple. (Okay, maybe we let the princess thing go a little too far)

And on the walk up to see the Christus:
"Lift me up so that I can see Jesus!" over and over again...
Finally, we get to the Christus:
"Can I touch His big toe?"
"Can I touch his scar?"
"I just want to give him a big hug!"

...then, "will he give me a bell?"
And then I realized, she thought she was really going to see Him on this night. And was so excited about it. Yet nervous. And I told her that one day, she will be able to give Him a hug. The real Jesus. And that He does love her, very much.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

for that one person...

...who reads my blog but I don't have your email address to send out your Christmas Card: I do email Christmas Letters each year now. Lame, huh? Well, I don't really think so actually. It's not that cards are way too expensive. I mean, I don't want to spend money on them, there are other things I'd rather spend money on. And they don't take all that much time to send, but definately more than an email. But, there is a reason that I actually love my email letters: I love to check my email for the next couple of days after I send the letter. This is the time I write to all my people. You know, the Christmas card people. And for the next couple of days after my letter, I get to hear good things back from all of these people... immediately. You can't do that with a 'snail mail' letter. Isn't that so much fun!

more traditions...

...I love the idea of having the kids choose from their toys to give away, to a second-hand store or toy drive...make room for the new toys...also, for one of our extended family parties, we have a theme each year. This year was Japan as my baby brother just returned from a church mission there. We ate Japanese Pancake (okonomiyaki), two soups (soybean-miso), Japanese sweets (Satsumaimo potatoes-yams), and "Japanese Christmas Cake." Fun!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


i love them!
"...traditions to keep us close to the great heritage which is ours to enjoy should be something every family should try to keep alive." -L. Tom Perry, 12 Apostle of the Lord