Friday, April 24, 2009

we believe...

...the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly, we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.

I'm a reader. I'll admit, I usually have a few books that I'm reading all at the same time. I love reading and it influences my life in many positive ways. I've taken advice on which materials I choose to read from people I consider wise or people who seem to be entertained or uplifted in similar ways to me. I try to update my book list (see my links) not to let people know what I like to read, but to myself remember the things I learn from books.
The times when reading has the most influence for me is when I'm in need of some advice or direction. Lately, I've noticed that if I read a parenting book/article about an issue I'm having in parenting, then I immediately feel more confident in my own abilities and better able to handle situations. Even if I don't really agree with or follow the advice! Even if I only get something I can use from one little sentence. I see this is how I learn. By studying, pondering, then action. I want to do God's Will. With the little store of knowledge I build and my own intuition I feel I am adding to a list of resources that God can use to do His Will with me, especially in motherhood. I feel more prepared. If I fail to do these things for a time, I feel a little out of control of my life.
Thus it is with my reading of the Scriptures. The Bible. The Book of Mormon. The words of the current Prophets and Apostles. When I fail to read them for a time, I feel a deep lack in my life. A hunger. A hunger that is immediately filled when I commence reading these sacred words. Once again a feel a flow of direction and confidence from God enter into my life. I feel it so abundantly that it makes me wonder why I would have stopped reading in the first place, if I knew all along what great value it is to me?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

big and chunky...

...honestly...aren't you glad there's nothing wrong with love'n chunky?
My sister dressed us up to go the the annual BYU alumni ball...
...I usually don't stand out in a crowd...not at all...this evening though, I got several glances...I guess I looked extra good...or maybe it was the shimmery green belly on the dance floor?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

happy easter...

...we loved the Easter bunny...

...on a more serious note. I'm so happy to know that the events of Easter happened as they truly did: The resurrection of Jesus Christ. So many things make me grateful for my Savior this time of year.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

thrift, self-reliance, and talents...

...this is what we are taught to use, especially in these economic times...and that, I believe, applies especially to the little things in life......a friend of mine introduced to me a new sort of "bow-making" get-together.
Thrift: each of us brought bunches of flowers, the best were from the dollar store of all places! She shared hair clips and brads. Each bow was probably a dollar to make at the most (instead of the 6$ you would buy it for pre-made).
Self Reliance: made them myself! we threw all the flowers into the middle of the floor, and from there, tore apart each one and mixed and matched and made new hair-bow flowers. it was so much fun to do, I did it again soon after with my sister.
Talents: so easy to do! be as creative or as simple as you want. also...a tribute to:...happy cherry blossom days!
...especially to my little brother serving a church mission in Japan right now and my sister who served in Washington D.C.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

just 10 good hours of labor...

...and a nice epidural...sometimes I lay down at night and that's all I want these days of being so uncomfortable, big, and tired. A babysitter for the girls. A nurse to wait on me hand and foot. And a baby to snuggle in my arms, not crunched up inside my belly.

On a humorous note,
You know you are pregnant when:
*To make a banana milkshake you put in the peel and throw away the banana.
*You store your cold milk in the cupboard.
*To feed the fish you open up the garbage can instead of the fish tank and pour in the food.
*Instead of picking up the kids toys, you get out the broom and sweep them up.
*You have a calendar to help you remember the important things, only to find out that half the things you write are on the wrong date anyway.
*You pour milk into the cereal box, instead of the bowl full of cereal.
*Your kids aren't the ones putting their own shoes on the wrong feet, you regularly do it for them.
*You tell your husband for three months that the bathtub doesn't work because the drain is plugged and you are tired of showering the kids....Only to have him finally fix pushing down the lever on the drain plug.
Thanks, my love. You are so patient these days.