Sunday, July 22, 2012

it takes one person wanting to help...

this is Gavin.
and he's an orphan in Eastern Europe.
he's 6 years old, the size of a 3yr old, 
and mentally about a 2.5 year old,
and he knows no other life than the one he has,
life in a crib,
in a room full of orphans, 
with little attention.
And his life, would be cut very short... see, Gavin is in stage 4 Kidney failure...
(stage 5 is the end)
he will never know differently
but we know differently.
we know about modern health
we know what it is to have a full, blessed life with opportunities.
someone else saw Gavin's picture on a website called
Reese's Rainbow
this person wanted to help a little boy have a full life.
no one had to do anything.
but someone chose to do something.
my good friend Lindsay and her family
decided Gavin could become a part of their family.
because of one family wanting to help one little boy
that got other people doing something
until a whole LOT of people have decided to do something!
maybe I can't be the one to bring a child into my home
but I can do all I can to help one child into the home of another!
(all of these links are ways YOU can do something too!)
And they are working SO hard to get him here
to get him a new kidney
to give him love and attention.
and I love to imagine, that one day,
he will know differently too.
he will know what it is to be loved,
and when he does,
i love to imagine the love and gratitude he will feel.
and i love to imagine what ripple effect that difference
made in the life of just one boy
will have.