Thursday, August 28, 2008

shout out!

against are just five scary facts:

*1 in 5 children (10 to 17 years old) receives unwanted sexual solicitations online
*As of December 2005, child pornography was a $3 billion annual industry
*Hollywood produces 400 feature films a year. The porn industry churns out 11,000.
*The Internet was a significant factor in 2 out of 3 divorces
*The pornography industry brings in more money in one year than every NBA, NFL, and MLB team combined

A friend who worked in a prison, told me that %100 percent of the prisoners he met were into pornography. Every man he met in that prison had pornography involved in the beginnings of their criminal records. And everywhere he looked, the addiction continued with posters on the wall, etc.

There are many issues that face us and our kids today. And most of them I'm willing to fight by starting in the home. Teaching my children morals. Helping the future generation know right from wrong. Voting and having a public say when I can. And being an example. But this issue, pornography, I'm willing to go the extra mile to fight.

So, I've joined a group of moms who are fighting this legally.
The Lighted Candle Society is fighting pornography with statistics, research, and in courts. The courts are telling them, come to us with facts, not morals. And this is their goal.
Mary's Army is a branch of this, the group of mothers who want to help.
You can join by clicking on the link.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

express yourself... it your way...who said you have to paint on paper only?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

touring...the Dominican Republic...

...I served a church mission in La Republica Dominicana...and returned there this past week with my husband, my sister and her husband. I was in Florida already and it was just too close, I had to go back! nervous as I was! with not much time. would I remember my Spanish? would I find old friends?
...we stayed our first night in a Marriot...then housing at the only Temple in the Caribbean...see our small orange rental was so FUN to drive around in the DR! ...
...we visited old places (oldest town in the Americans, mansion of Christopher Columbus' brother)

...some things hadn't changed...some things had...Bachata was still heard all around!...

...we saw places I'd never seen before like Aguas Blancas near Constanza...
...beautiful mountains, the tallest peak in the Caribbean...agriculture...
...and of course, it's all about the food, right? soooo good...La Bandera...avacado, mangos...

...but's all about the people.

See here for a couple of videos and some more pics!

touring...Florida...the Hauley Homestead!

...we spent some time in Florida at my sister's home...on our bed when we arrived at this 5 star home was our first taste of Disney florida: a sucker I had given my sister over 10 years ago on one of my trips to Disneyland!!

...attempts at surfing on a beautiful beach...

...amazing performance! ...

...THREE Disney theme parks in one day... we had some awesome tour guides, great place to stay, good food, and great company thanks to my sister and her husband...thanks for everything you guys!! We love ya!

...the girls we left home with our parents and missed them and loved the break and brought them goodies...we loved seeing them again!

Friday, August 1, 2008

daddy's eyes... least we think they are, might be, maybe...I just love these eyes...