Wednesday, April 8, 2009

just 10 good hours of labor...

...and a nice epidural...sometimes I lay down at night and that's all I want these days of being so uncomfortable, big, and tired. A babysitter for the girls. A nurse to wait on me hand and foot. And a baby to snuggle in my arms, not crunched up inside my belly.

On a humorous note,
You know you are pregnant when:
*To make a banana milkshake you put in the peel and throw away the banana.
*You store your cold milk in the cupboard.
*To feed the fish you open up the garbage can instead of the fish tank and pour in the food.
*Instead of picking up the kids toys, you get out the broom and sweep them up.
*You have a calendar to help you remember the important things, only to find out that half the things you write are on the wrong date anyway.
*You pour milk into the cereal box, instead of the bowl full of cereal.
*Your kids aren't the ones putting their own shoes on the wrong feet, you regularly do it for them.
*You tell your husband for three months that the bathtub doesn't work because the drain is plugged and you are tired of showering the kids....Only to have him finally fix pushing down the lever on the drain plug.
Thanks, my love. You are so patient these days.


A.J. Dub. said...

I'm with ya girl!
I am already sleep deprived and exhausted.
I have to set my cell phone to remind me to get J from preschool, go to my appointments, even switch the laundry. I forget or mix up everything.
I just keep telling myself its worth it in the end.

Pippo said...

You didn't tell me about some of these things :).
I love you.

The Gentry's said...

Love it!! LOL...It's always good to know your not the only one doing things that just don't make sense.

Meghan said...

I feel for you! Especially on the third child... your "spring fever" just gets worse with each pregnancy! You'll make it! Just keep going!

hairprincess said...

That is too funny and oh so true! I have prob done all of those things these days:)

Nicole said...

This all makes me feel better!! I haven't heard most of these!

John, Mica, and Little Tenzing said...

I totally put the milk in the cupboard and left the cereal on the counter the other day! New mom's still don't have their mind together...