Friday, February 8, 2008

The Early Years

My husband suggested this be a 'webpage' for my artwork. To his credit, I suppose that he believes I’m selling myself short by not trying to display, sell, publish, or in any ambitious way make money from my artistic efforts. Cause he thinks I'm good. :) My thoughts on this have always been: once I do try to sell and have to conform to please the money…I won’t enjoy it anymore. I also feel the lack of education, talent, and time put in required to ‘be really good’ enough to actually make money off of my creative endeavors. Maybe I'm just scared. But lets go back a few (several) years to give you some of my art history. It's a sample. A fun, varied one.

To start: a really old work. My Young Women Personal Progress Project. We posted them with coordinating flowers on the church grounds. Idea from the Salt Lake City Beehive House.

The following are from High School. What fun to go back and see this stuff!

We drew this on the walls of my college apartments at Ricks College. When the manager saw it he was pretty upset; but, he calmed down when we showed him how easily these washable crayons come off.

Washable crayons again. I drew these on the walls for my sister's kids. I've always loved Disney!

This was in my sister's bedroom.

Oil painting class at BYU.

The home I grew up in. My art teacher didn't like this because he didn't like to put surreal, religious stuff in paintings. Oh well, families can be forever, right!

Just some sketches.

Pumpkin art. I mostly just painted them...but I had some fun with this one.

Watercolor card made for one of the girls in my Young Women's class.

When we lived in Dillingham, Alaska
we were able to enjoy the culture, the dance, the costume. They were a great people.

Carving from whale bone or walrus tusk was common. This is a digital piece I was having fun with for the logo of a local radio station.

In our second year of marriage, my husband and I took a tour through Europe for a couple of months. We got to see areas of his Mission in Italy, and meet old friends. It was an amazing trip. I guess I just couldn't get enough of it. This is my husband's dresser.

Alaska again. We had a luau for the Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation. This is one of those boards you put your face into and take a picture.

Watercolor for a friend who liked cows.

Watercolor for a friend who liked frogs.

Some more pumpkin art.



"Aww, you made me ink!"

My nephew in pencil.

This was for a friend in Alaska. Her son. Oil painting.

A cousin of my husband.

This is all for this entry, now I will just add as I do more work. Thanks for looking!
My poor kid during Halloween.


Ryan said...

Wow, I forgot you had this talent. ANd I totally forgot about the walls decorated at ricks. No wonder I went over to your house all the time bcak then.

Mica Pooky said...

You are so talented sister! I love the Disney walls even more now!