Friday, February 29, 2008

Call me something! Anything! Please!

Say "Mama" ...say it, come on.... SAY it! Nearly two and a half years old, you would think she had this down! I can get her to say the sounds...bribed by chocolate. It’s a defining moment in motherhood, right? That sweet expression of love from baby uttering that word for you alone. Well, I've always wanted to be a "mama" anyway. Boo won't say "Mom" or "Dad" or call anyone, anything.
Then recently...out walking the kids in the wagon, Boo turned around and said something. Wait a minute....was that "hi"....or even "Hi, Deedee?" "Honey, I think she just said Hi to her sister!” I know it didn't sound like it, but those sounds were definitely directed to Little Bay and I know she said "hi!" I think she called someone, something! Spontaneously! Woo Hoo!
But wait...she's been calling someone else something. It came to me in the near dream/wake period of sleep last night. "Jeejeez." Boo calls Jesus, "Jeejeez." And has been for some time. That's the first name she learned and identifies??? That's cool. She is calling Jesus by name...identifying him by picture...calling him by name. She hasn’t done that for anyone.

On a trip to Las Vegas last weekend to see the cousins, we brought the portable DVD player to entertain during driving time. I’ve mentioned that Boo’s favorite videos are Baby Signing Time. Not this trip! “Jeejeez” she would ask for over and over again. Joy to the World. The Christmas video about the birth of Christ. It has songs by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in-between excerpts of the story of Christ. It’s well done, but not in any special way catered to kids. Boo LOVES this DVD. I think it’s the music. Home from the trip, we were running some errands and every time we got back in the car it was “Jeejeez, Jeejeez.” We weren’t even in the same vehicle and I had to keep telling her, no sorry, we don’t have the DVD here. This went on for the entire day and the next. I started to get a little concerned. “Are you trying to tell me something, Boo?” “Are you seeing something I’m not?” “Are you trying to prepare me for something?” I know, I know…but mom’s get a little freaked out when their kids do these sorts of things.
Or, I could look at it as Boo just being closer to that Heavenly world than the rest of us, and perhaps this is why she is taking so long to talk. “Oh the things I would tell you, Mom, if I only could!”

Kids express their love in other ways, aside from calling you those endearing, wonderful, completely normal things like…mom. Boo gives hugs. Awesome hugs. Little arms, full bodied, big grinning hugs. I’ll take that expression of love.
And this week, Little Bay clearly said “mama,” just for me.


ANON. said...

Chel~ Lydia's veil might not be as thick as the rest of us and maybe that is why she isn't able to speak! xo~ nicole

Zippy said...

Hey! I tagged you on my blog! Go check it out!

And your girls look so much like you! Is there any Burnah in there at all?

Mike said...

That is really cool that she did that. Also saying Mama is pretty neat too.


The Burnah Clan said...

Well, little update since I wrote this last. Boo decided to start calling people something! It started with her saying "Hi Dad" to the phone. Then Grandma Bobby and Pepe came over and she called them Gmama and Gpapa. Then after playing with her cousins, we heard her in the other room yelling something over and over again. We came in to find her pointing at a picture of her cousin yelling "Ryder, Ryder, Ryder" she'd never even said her cousin's name before. All of this happened in a matter of a week. Amazing. And best of all, two days ago, she came out of the room after a nap, pointed at me, and said "Mama," all by herself. Yay!

Zippy said...

Yay! That is so awesome!Way to go Boo!