Friday, March 21, 2008

express yourself

People do it daily, and don't get enough credit for it. Whether they are trying or not, and they usually are not. I've taken it into my hands to give some credit to these worthy expressions of self. If I can. (please please please ignore my ill-suited attempts at sketching these...I hope to give you a mental picture!) They will all be under the title "express yourself"

Here is my first:
I saw this today on campus.

He must have been over 70 yrs old

50 degrees outside

head down

tweed walking hat

green/yellow letterman jacket

bright orange shirt

blue shorts

orange knee socks

just picture it...


Zippy said...

wow, yep that is some serious self expression. :) and Your sketch is great.

ANON. said...

Chel~ You never cease to amaze me... and I am just trying to draw something for my kids when we color together- something/ anything! Too bad Aunt Chelsy doesn't live closer!!