Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Embrace Truth from Whatever the Source

I’ve just finished reading “If you want to write” by Brenda Ueland and want to make special mention of it because my blog seems to be patterned after her thoughts on creativity and imagination. I didn’t mean for this. I had this blog finished before I even started the book. The quotes by William Blake I did post after starting this read; it all fit together so well.
Joseph Smith taught us to embrace truth from whatever the source. This was in my mind as I read this. Maybe because she seemed to write about the truth of creativity and imagination. Maybe because she said, "...for what is true to you today may not be true at all tomorrow, because you see a better truth." She encourages us to learn and grow from mistakes without fear or worry of the criticism we get from others for so doing. I wrote down other things from her book…’mind candy’ for me. :)


Cheyney and Ryan Lindgren said...

I'll have to take a look at this book.

Ryan said...

I actually read the first few chapters. the author has a lot of enthusiasm and I was surprised she wrote it 70 years ago. She would be a wonderful teacher to have.

The Burnah Clan said...

Wow, I'm glad you read some! I remember you being particular about what you read. Yeah, her stories show how dated the book is, talking of servants and such. Interesting.