Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the subtle, oh so important milestones...

...when she called me "mom" for the first time...
even if she was over 2 years old when it happened...
...when she told me for the first time "I'm hungry" or "can I have a snack?" because she felt hungry
...when she asked me for the first time "mom, will you play with me"
...or even better, "mom, can I play with my friend?"
...first time she put a spoon on her head and pretended it was a hat
...when I asked her at 4 and a half years old: "where are you going?" and she told me "I'm going potty"
...the first time she asked "will you help me, please?"
...when she told me the other day, "we look at what we are pointing at." and I didn't tell her that!
...when she said "mom, we don't say the word stupid." and she came up with that on her own: haha!
...when she asked today "mom, do you have your chapstick?" because she realized her lips needed it!!!

...I notice these things kiddo
...and I get so excited are you are so unique
...innocent and good
...I love to watch you learn
...I love to teach you in your way
...hand over hand
...over and over again
...then you get it
...and you excel
...this is your way

...dedicated to kids who learn this way
and their moms who notice the subtle,
oh so important, milestones...


Marc and Carrie Sucher said...

I love that picture!

Madills said...

Such a sweet post!! Yipee for the sweet little milestones!!

Sheffers said...

Your the best mom, thanks for the reminder! I love the swimming suit so much I bought one just like it for Ashlyn. She is so cute!

The Williams Family said...

Ditto what the Sheffers said, you are the best mom! You are always such a great example to me!

hairprincess said...

So cute!! I just want to give that girl a big hug! You are such a good mommy:)