Saturday, January 3, 2009

Express yourself through...WORDS!!!

One of our favorite Christmas gifts was this Fisher Price ABC zoo animals:
Two days after playing with it, Boo, my little no-talker, belted out the entire ABC song. WOW!

You didn't know the ABC song had an alternate French ending did you? Well, it doesn't. She's singing the last lines to the song the little children sing on "South Pacific" (Dites moi). THAT was the first song she ever sang by herself. It was coming back from our Thanksgiving vacation to Arizona. She'd been quiet for a long time, gazing out the window, and then, I heard it:
"Est-ce que
Parce que
Vous m'aimez?"
What?! Is that what I think it was?! She was grinning from ear to ear (she's got a great grin you know, and she can really do that, grin that big). I had sung that song to her, maybe six times total, and not for a couple of weeks at least. And now this! The first song she ever sings by herself. What an amazing girl!
Well, since that and now the ABC song, she's a constant singer and I love to hear it...another ordinary miracle in our home.


Ryan said...


Linds said...

My friend has this toy and my kids love to play with it when we go to her house. I love it too, it's so adorable!

MarkandMaren said...

so cute! It's so fun to hear kids learning new things.

Bobby said...

Wow! That is so impressive! I am so excited!

Holly said...

Wow! I'm impressed too. That's so cute.

hairprincess said...

Aw that is the cutest ever! I watched it over and over, I am glad I didnt put my makeup on yet cause that cute little song made me cry! Us silly pregnant ladys! hehe

John and Mica said...

I'm glad I got to be there for that french song! I love it! She does have the best grin ever! :) She's so beautiful!

hairprincess said...

OH yea Meg is going to have some fun playing with there cute new toy!:)