Tuesday, May 27, 2008

play n learn

I feel like this has been a real 'mom blog' lately, with tips and ideas, and just everyday mom doings. Oh well, I'm a mom. I have this great "play and learn" group of kids and moms that Boo is involved in. She loves her friends. I love the experiences she gets, from train rides and water fountains, to painting on cookie pallats with pudding, to crafts.


Angela Howell said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! You'll have to share with me some of your cute ideas! There is a bunch of us in our ward that get together every week and so it would be fun to start doing things like that! Right now it's more of a play/visiting time! :)

Sarah Rowberry said...

looks like so much fun! what a great idea for group playdates!

Zippy said...

Hey girl,
Yes that page is all digital. I do both since I have tons of pics that are on my computer, so I only have to pay for the printing once and I don't pay for the paper, ribbons and other stuff. So far all the kits I use are free. With the pictures I have in hand, I use hands on stuff for the most part.

I am glad you think she looks like me. We all think she looks more like a Whetten. You should see her next to her Aunt Dawn. No one would guess she belongs to me.

I don't stay caught up on all my pics. Not even close. But with the digital it is faster for me so I get more done. And all my recent pics are digital camera so I don't ever print them. I have not printed any of my digital pages yet. I am saving to buy a large format printer, so I can do it myself instead of pay to have them printed.
I feel pretty good right now about my scrapping rate. With 3 kids and a hubby, I have to limit how much time I spend doing it, so I just do the pics that really stand out and say "SCRAP ME! SHARE ME!" You know? Then every now and again I get my old stuff out and scrap it. I am going to post soon the pages I did last night at our slumber party, from when I was a scrawny kid in BYU dance.

Sorry, this was a long post. :)

hairprincess said...

That looks like fun, its always nice to get away from the house any way and having your kids spend time with others kids is always fun, plus you get the time with other parents! Nice!

MarciK said...

What great memories you are creating!