Thursday, May 1, 2008

brussell sprouts mom tip

I read somewhere about how "mom blogs" are sooo, hows this for a boring topic: brussell sprouts. Supposedly Britains least favorite veggie (but not in scotland, isn't that right, O?)
They are pretty good. lots of butter. pepper. cheese. and they are a good source of calcium. why mention them though? well, partly cause I just got Boo to eat some. How? We'll get to that. tried to convince a good friend to eat some, even made her some, and she even told me she tried them...only to find out she hadn't. This entry can be dedicated to her. :)
Well, my point, I got some great advice early on to use if you want your kids to eat veggies:
One: offer veggies always, insist they eat just a little, and eventually they will like them.
Two: you know that time right before dinner/lunch when the kids are just starving? Well, this is the time to sit them down, bless the food, and serve the veggies while you finish the entree. Let them fill up on the veggies. works for us!


Robin said...

Good ideas! I don't know what Grandma Bay did but I love all vegetables and so do my siblings. I even like brussel sprouts. Vinegar on brussel sprouts is yummy!

Ryan said...

I love greens like spinach, broccli, and green beans. I have tried to buy and cook brussel sprouts, but honestly they smell a little. And by smell I mean stink.

The second tip is smart. I'll have to remember that.

The Burnah Clan said...

Okay, this bit is very true, if you over-cook these little things they will smell, no, stink ...follow package directions exactly is my only pointer on that, but it's a fine line...haha.

Zippy said...

Chelsy, you rock! What a fantastic idea! We have a fruit of the week and a veggie of the week. Something we have not had before. I hope this "feed them veggies first thing" will totally work with my ravenous wild bunch. Thank you!Now I have the courage to bring home the brussel sprouts.

hairprincess said...

Hey I think I do like those too, didnt mom make those for us on occasions? They really arent bad. Another thing I heard on some tv show that if your kids wont eat their veggies steam em (Or boil, but that takes alot of nutrients out) and mash em really good and put them into the dinner, like cauiflower (sp?) into spegetti sauce, or carrot grated into pancakes, that one sounds gross but a ladys kid would only eat pancakes and didnt even mind a little diff colored pancakes occasionally! So in some ways they got there veggies, but I guess they wouldnt know about it so they may not think they like them when they are older?? I guess we see how Meg is, she eats anything in front of her these days!:)

Sarah Rowberry said...

smart tip! i tried it this week and it worked like a charm! thanks for sharing!!