Friday, July 2, 2010


I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection.
Excellence, I can reach for; perfection is God's business.
-Micheal J. Fox occurred to me after reading this quote, that in Church the Young Woman celebrate Personal Progress goals they have achieved or are working towards in an event called:
Not Young Women in Perfection.

I hope that...instead of trying to make my daughters be Perfect...
I can teach my daughters to reach for Excellence
in all they do in this life.


hairprincess said...

So true! I love that, that is cool Micheal J fox said that quote! You always have the coolest posts I love em! That pic is adorable and goes so perfect with it! I love that They are all holding hands:)

Leah said...

A wise observation. Feeling like less than the best parent now and will take all suggestions for achieving such a great goal:)

Robin said...

I love this picture. I think this is one of the cutest pictures of L ever. It is so cute of all three. And I love the quote. Something we need to remember.

Julie in the studio said...

I really like this post Chelsea. I read Becky's post about being nice to others and your comment about the little girl who moved over when your daughter sat down. (I would have hugged you in the bathroom, you know this!)
I think I am just beginning to realize that we can strive for excellence, that our Heavenly Father wants this for us, but our motives should be pure. We should strive for excellence to bring joy to others, to bring them up, not to bring ourselves up, or to especially, others down.
Love you girl,
mis you.