Sunday, March 14, 2010


Baby H's version of the sign for EAT...sign language is normally quiet, right but when she signs EAT, she's so determined that I can hear it!
(just hope she doesn't hurt herself)


Holly Burnah said...

Ha Ha! I was trying to think of the sign for eat; I didn't think it was hitting yourself in the head, but I remember it now. Maybe we shoud teach Mac to sign since he doesn't want to talk.

hairprincess said...

How cute! hahaha me and Meg sitting here watching together and loving it, we like her version of signing 'eat' better then the real one! :)

Robin said...

I can't get the video, could you put it on facebook or our family site? I can't get one Jen put on either, but I can get ones she puts on facebook.

Anonymous said...

she is so gorgeous! reminds me a bit of m! haha!
love cousin olivia x