Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hmmm conversation...

...this is how it went this morning: (by the way, we had just had a Family Night lesson on kindness and following Jesus example in being kind when we see people hurt like the Good Samaritan):

L: Mommy, if you get hurt, what should we do to help you?
Me: ummm, I guess you could call 911 (they have no idea what this means)
L: ...and what if we don't help you?
Me: ummm, I might die? (maybe a little to harsh for a 4 yr old?)
L: well, then we could get a new Mommy.
Me: you want a new mommy? who would it be?
L: we would have a grandma mommy! "Bing!" (with a wave of her hand, you know, like "bibbity bobbity boo!") and she would come to our house!
Me: Grandma, huh? Well, how about T & H, could they be your new mommy?
L: no, they are not a grandma. and Grandma Bobby could come to our house.
Me: and what about Grandmama?
L: she could come too. that would be good!
Me: where will I go if I die?
M: to Heavenly Father!
Me: that's right! To Heaven with Heavenly Father. Will I be happy?
M: Yes!
Me: That's right, I will be happy in Heaven with Heavenly Father! He loves me.
M: And you will be happy with Jesus and with Santa Clause!
I guess these are important conversations to have with our kids, right? Sure wouldn't want anything to ever happen to me! Though, they sure seem well adjusted to the idea...hmmmm :(


Robin said...

Oh, that is so cute, it made my day. Only I think you should not die, you are such a wonderful mother. The picture is cute too. M is starting to look less like her dad as her hair gets longer. Poor H is sure not happy.

hairprincess said...

Awww that is so cute! I miss my girls! you too, sad I couldnt hang with ya'll today. I love that cute pic H looks super happy:) I cant believe that red hair on M! PRetty:)

Sheffers said...

LOL, that is pretty funny. Well at least you will be getting Christmas presents in heaven. At least your covered there. Well I hope the next time I see you, your living. jk Your girls are darling. And they would definetly miss there mommy!

Holly Burnah said...

I'm glad you will be with Santa Clause again someday! We have this conversation at our house sometimes. Last time my kids got more and more excited as we talked about who could take care of them. When we talked about my sister Andrew said,"Yes! Then we can do science experiments every day!"... I know how you feel :)

Nicole said...

I love the pic... when and where did you do it? We need to do one sooo bad! It has been since Ryder was 9 mths old exactly... HAHA!!

Rachel Uda Murdock said...

Hahaha! Soooo cute!