Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I believe... letting my kids believe in Santa Claus. I believe in him as a symbol. We let our kids believe in many things, cartoon characters, heroes, people. I like this book using Santa as a Christmas symbol for Jesus. Isn't that what he is there to remind us of? Love. Giving. Joy.
We took a ride on the Polar Express this week. The girls were so excited. What fun is that, to be excited to see this jolly old man!
This was little Bay, the picture of all seriousness. She took this whole experience very solemnly. She was going to see Santa Claus and get a bell. She is a very focused kid.
And Boo switched back and forth from complete awe to jumping up and down excitement at it all. This is her face right when Santa walked into the train.


A.J. Dub. said...

Was that the Heber Creeper?
How fun!

Sarah said...

how fun! where was this? we did a polar express field trip with grace's preschool today, but it was pretty wimpy. :) this looks like the real deal, i'll have to take the girls next year. is this the one in heber?

Camille Hammond said...

What cute kids. Is it just me, or does Bay look like Phil and Boo look like you? The Polar Express would be fun. WE're getting ready to go home for Christmas. Have a great week!

The Burnah Clan said...

Yes, this was the Heber train.

Guymon Family said...

I believe in Santa too!
Hope you have a great Christmas!

hairprincess said...

You got to go on the Polar Express!? I am so jealous I love that show! haha that is so cute that they were so focused on getting their bell, I prob would be too haha:)