Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I believe in Christ

I am a Christian.
This Easter season I wanted to list just 5 reasons I'm grateful for my Savior:

1- Because when I get annoyed with my husband, I can be forgiven. I hate that I am weak enough to ever feel annoyed with him. But I would hate it even more if I were never forgiven for this human folly.

2- Because once when I just didn't feel I could love a person, it came to me while I was doing the dishes, they are a child of God and there are actually many reasons to love them. I know I didn't think of that on my own.

3- Because sometimes, it's hard to do my job (be a mom), and then I remember whose children they really are and it's not so hard. God doesn't want me to fail in this even more than I don't want to's always around to help out when I need it.

4- Because I say and do dumb things all the time…and through my Savior, I still feel reasonably good about who I am.

5- Because I admire artists, and recently realized what a great artist Jesus is: "van Gogh wrote..."I tell you the more I think, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people."


~e said...

Very powerful. Thanks for sharng your insights.

(I came from zippy's page)

Angela Howell said...

You always have such cute, thoughtful posts...I love reading them! And thanks for sharing this one, it is always so good to have reminders like that. You are such an amazing person! And I know we've said this several times, but we need to get together!!! :) Are you planning on going to the lunch that Sarah is planning?

Ryan said...

great post.